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The Comexi FLEXO F2 MC printing press is a new concept in printing machines and has been designed using the FLEXO F2 MP as a based model. It uses the patented FLEXO efficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility to offer a new type of machine that is more compact and better adapted to short and medium print runs. It is available in printing widths ranging from 870 mm to 1270 mm, in 8 colours, and offers printing developments of up to 800 mm. It includes state-of-the-art electronic systems for achieving optimum printout qualities even at high speeds (up to 400 m/min), and can be applied to different substrates from plastic film to paper or laminates.


Comexi Group focuses its lines of research and innovation on its social and environmental responsibilities. Its machines are developed using the energy savvy concept, applied to a group of electric and electronic monitoring technologies that enable the Company to make large energy savings, and hence, reduce its CO2 emissions. Furthermore, and as an added option, the machine can be equipped with an automatic recirculation system, enabling the performance of the drying equipment to be optimised, thereby minimising consumption and CO2 emissions.


The printer incorporates CINGULAR® technology developed by Comexi for the completely automatic adjustment of both pressure and register, with attention being drawn to the CINGULAR Real, a system without the use of marks based on the adjustment of pressure throughout the printing process and the adjustment of registration based on a digital format (pdf) during the make-ready process.