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How do we work with colour?

Our ink department formulates the colour coping with the needs and/or requirements specified by the customer.

• Pantone.
• Customer´s color standards.
• Colour coordinates.
• Cromalin.

This department is equipped with the material resources designed to visually control the colour using a light hood with various types of illuminants (d65, d50, tl84, f, uv).

Colour management using measuring instruments:

• Densitometry (portable equipment for monitoring production reflection density and dot gain in various CMYK percentages)
•Spectrophotometry (portable equipment for monitoring colour difference in production, desktop systems to control, formulate, manage and store colour parameters).

What is our range of application?

The ink department has a wide technological range of raw materials, allowing it to select the best product for each type of application and support.

Printing system:

Product formulation and/or selection according to:

• Rotogravure
• Flexo
• “High Definition” Flexo


• Exterior printing.
• Overprint varnishes (high gloss, high mechanical resistance , paper-like, matting effect).
• Interior printing (monolayer, lamination, high-performance lamination (chlorine-free), suitable for sterilisation.
• Cold seal application.

Material: opp*, pet*, pe, opa, cellophane, paper, etc.
(*) all types of lacquers and treatments.

How do we provide total quality assurance of our product?

The ink department is actively involved in ensuring final product quality:

• Spectrophotometric analysis.
• Chromatography for in situ analysis (Through our automated analyser, we are able to monitor residual waste from organic solvents contained in films, both during the printing process and during lamination using solvent-based adhesives ).
• Ink-maker system (complete reproducibility of our formulas, precision and accuracy,traceability of raw materials).
• Compliance of our raw materials with eupia (european printing ink association) standards.