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We know that safety, regarding to packaging and food contact, is a priority for our clients. So in order to guarantee total confidence in our film, all our processes are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Envaflex has been certificated in accordance with the international BRC/IoP standard. This is a global protocol for food safety, adapted to packaging, with the aim of ensuring that suppliers meet the requirements that guarantee their flexible packaging safety.

Companies in the packaging sector should have the necessary systems in place to identify and monitor any risks that might have a negative impact on the safety of their products using a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, along with the firm commitment of their management team to act accordingly. To this end, we have set up a HACCP Committee, which periodically analyses the entire flow of materials and components that take part of the manufacturing process so as to anticipate any potential contamination, albeit physical, chemical or biological.


Our philosophy is based on error prevention. For this reason, we maintain close contact with our clients, offering them all our expertise and anticipating any potential problems.

Our continuous improvement system ensures efficient data processing, which means reduction in response time and less error margin.

At Envaflex, Quality begins with a training plan adapted to the market needs, the selection of machinery and equipment that are most suited to the requirements of our clients, and a suitable maintenance plan that will guarantee the stability of all our operations.

By means of the traceability scheme implemented in our facilities, we can determine – at any moment and within a short period of time – all the raw materials, personnel, machinery, etc. involved in the manufacture of any particular article.

Our system structure in line with ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by TÜV


We have integrated our R&D&I and Quality Assurance departments. Therefore, the philosophy of continuous improvement is also shared in the innovation of all processes and departments.

Envaflex was a member of the EU NAFISPACK Project (www.nafispack.com), led by the Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Centre (ITENE), on the development of a safe, innovative container designed to increase fresh products shelf-life. New packaging technologies were adopted, using anti-microbial active and intelligent packaging for fresh fish, chicken and minimally processed vegetables (MPV).


As an environmentally friendly business, Envaflex is committed to manufacturing processes that are respectful to the Environment:

  • By 2008, Envaflex completed the installation of its regenerative oxidation equipment for the complete elimination of volatile organic compounds emission, in compliance with Law 34/2007. This system allows volatile compounds to be treated using the heat generated by their combustion.
  • We do not generate any waste water.
  • 100% of the waste generated by our production processes is assessed and/or re-cycled.
  • Reduced use or substitution of potentially hazardous products.
  • By using an efficient ink returning system, we are able to avoid generating unnecessary waste, reduce ink consumption and minimise stocks.
                  • "The greenest waste is the waste that is not generated"