Polig. Ind. Utebo I, Utebo (ZARAGOZA), SPAIN Telephone +34 976 775 099 envaflex@envaflex.es


What is the shipping department responsible for?

The shipping department is in charge of the reel shipment to our clients, the daily cutting schedule for the different orders, the management, coordination and solution of evey possible issue reported by other departments regarding the accomplishment of our deliveries.

How is the finished product transported?

We collaborate with the haulage company Palletways, Europe's largest and fastest-growing provider of express palletised distribution services, which guarantees the safe delivery of our final product thanks to completely checked and cleaned vans, trucks and standard HGVs.

Are there various shipping options?

We offer standard daily transport throughout Spain: 24-48 hour delivery time according to the proximity to the main provincial capitals.

We also guarantee international shipment availability and express deliveries.

How are orders prepared before the shipment?

The orders are prepared accordingly to the specifications of our customers. The shipping address must always be verified and the order is internally tracked until the final delivery note is issued.

Is the use of labelling required both on the inside and outside of the reel?

The tracement of the order and of the client specifications is always required and is the final aim of this labelling.

What kind of pallet do we use?

We mainly use standard european pallets: (80x120, wood, wood chip and plastic) and others, in line with our client requirements and import-export terms.