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ENVAFLEX S.A. with registered address at Polig. Industrial Utebo I,Naves 15-20, Utebo ZARAGOZA (50180),Spain, e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and with CIF (Tax Code) A50103076,has been duly registered in the Zaragoza Business Register.

General Terms and Conditions for the use of the website..

ENVAFLEX S.A. hereby informs you that access to, and use of, the website http://www.envaflex.net and all its subdomains and directories (hereinafter known collectively as the Portal), as well as the contents, designs and images, are subject to the Terms and Conditions detailed in the Legal Notice and our Privacy Policy, notwithstanding the fact that access to one or more of them may require you accept some additional general or specific Terms and Conditions.

Therefore, if you do not agree with the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, we kindly request you refrain from using the Portal, as any use of it, or the services and contents included in it, implies you have accepted the legal Terms and Conditions stated herein.

Given that, due to the nature of the Internet, you can access the Portal anywhere in the world, its contents, together with the products and services offered by ENVAFLEX S.A., are aimed at users in any country. Notwithstanding the above, when you request any ENVAFLEX S.A. product or service, the company reserves the right to refuse the sale of the product and/or provision of the service where it deems fit.

ENVAFLEX S.A. reserves the right to make changes to the Portal, without prior notice, with the aim of updating, correcting, modifying, adding to or eliminating the contents and images of the Portal or its design. Updates will be made periodically. Due to the fact information is not updated immediately, we suggest you always check the validity and accuracy of the information, services and contents included on the Portal.

The Terms and Conditions included in the Privacy Policy and Legal Notice may vary, so we suggest you review these terms each time you visit the Portal. The Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice shall be understood without prejudice to any other General or Specific Terms and Conditions that may regulate access to specific contents and services on the Portal.

You hereby recognise and accept the Terms and Conditions of use of the Portal and promise to use it in accordance with them, as well as to use the Portal services and contents in a proper manner and not to use them for criminal or illegal activity.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The design of the Portal and its source codes, as well as the logos, brand names and other distinguishing signs that appear in it, belong to ENVAFLEX S.A., or its collaborating organisations, and are protected under the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. The images, logos and jingles, etc. contained in the ENVAFLEX S.A. server are equally protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar or analogous activity, is absolutely forbidden unless expressly authorised by ENVAFLEX S.A.

ENVAFLEX S.A. always respects the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; therefore, if you believe that this website may violate your rights in any way, please contact ENVAFLEX S.A. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Links and hyperlinks

ENVAFLEX S.A. will provide you with links to other webpages we believe may be of interest to you. The objective of providing these links is to help you search for resources that may interest you on the Internet. Nevertheless, these pages do not belong to us and we do not check their contents, therefore we cannot be held liable for the contents of these webpages, their functioning or any possible damages that may result from you accessing or using them. ENVAFLEX S.A. also fully respects any intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties that correspond to the webpages referred to in these links. For this reason, if you believe that the use of these links may be violating your rights, we request you contact ENVAFLEX S.A. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Conversely, ENVAFLEX S.A. generally authorises links from other webpages or e-mail addresses to its Portal, except in those cases where it expressly states the opposite. In all cases, for this general authorisation to be applicable, the links must respect the following: the creation of the link does not, on its own, imply any kind of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation on behalf of ENVAFLEX S.A. of the page that creates the link.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, ENVAFLEX S.A. may, at any time, retract the aforementioned authorisation without the obligation to provide a reason. In such cases, the page that created the link must immediately remove it, as soon as it receives notification from ENVAFLEX S.A.

In addition, if you observe that any link leads to a third-party website displaying inappropriate material, please notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can immediately remove that link from our Portal and take due legal action.


ENVAFLEX S.A. expressly prohibits “framing” or the third-party use of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or contents of its Portal.


The Portal will display advertisements for ENVAFLEX S.A. or other organisations that we consider may be of interest to you.

ENVAFLEX S.A. may use cookies as you browse the website and pages. The cookies that may be used on the ENVAFLEX S.A. website and pages are only related to the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user), and do not provide any personal user information. The cookies are for internal use only, such as gathering statistics on webpage access. The cookies used cannot read the cookie files created by other suppliers or websites. You can configure your browser to notify you of the cookies and to prevent them being installed on your hard disk. Please, check your browser instructions and manual for further information, and the Privacy Policy of our website. You do not need to allow ENVAFLEX S.A. cookies to be able to use the ENVAFLEX S.A. website.


ENVAFLEX S.A. complies with the obligations imposed by both Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th December on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, and the Regulation further developing this Law, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of the 21st December, and all other regulations in force at the time of application, thereby guaranteeing all obligations and rights of affected persons are observed as regards the handling of personal information. In addition, in compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of the 11th July, on Information Society and E-commerce Services, ENVAFLEX S.A. will ask for your consent before sending you any commercial communications, thereby also observing its obligations and the rights of users.

By virtue of the above, if you wish to use the different services provided by ENVAFLEX S.A., the data-reception forms on the Portal provide you with information about who is responsible for the file and the objective of processing the data, as well as information on your right to access, rectify and cancel your details, and to oppose their use. All this information is contained in the company’s Privacy Policy that you are required to read and accept in order to be duly informed.

As regards the images that appear on the Portal, ENVAFLEX S.A. also states that it has the consent of the people who appear in them and, having been previously informed of their purpose, they are, in accordance with the legally-established Terms and Conditions, considered adequate, pertinent and not excessive in any way, as regards said purpose.

Contrary to this, it is important to take into account that the right of publicity does not apply in the case of information in graphic form about a public event or incident where a person’s image is merely an accessory to the fact.

User responsibilities

You hereby promise to use the Portal services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice, and are responsible for its correct use.

If you act in any way against the image, good name or reputation of ENVAFLEX S.A., or use the Portal designs, logos or contents in an illegal or fraudulent manner, and/or in any way violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of the Portal or its contents and designs, you shall be held liable for you actions by ENVAFLEX S.A.

Liabilities of ENVAFLEX S.A.

Incorrect use of the Portal: ENVAFLEX S.A. has created the Portal to present its activities and services, facilitating access to them. It cannot, however, control the use of the Portal in any other way than that detailed in the Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Therefore, access to the Portal and the correct use of the information contained in it are the responsibility of the person who carries out these actions, and ENVAFLEX S.A. shall not be liable for any incorrect, illicit or careless use you may make of it.

Using the contents: ENVAFLEX S.A. provides all the contents of its Portal according to certain Terms and Conditions, and in good faith, and will strive to ensure these are always up to date and current. Nevertheless, ENVAFLEX S.A. cannot be liable for any use or access outside the Portal, the liability for which lies with you as the user. Moreover, ENVAFLEX S.A. will not be able to control any contents that have not been created by it or by third parties at our behest and, therefore, it shall not be liable for any damages, contents or technical unavailability caused by said third parties.

Advertising: ENVAFLEX S.A. will include its own advertising and that of third parties on the Portal in order to offer you products and services that it believes may be of interest to you. However, ENVAFLEX S.A. cannot control the appearance of these advertisements or their quality and the suitability of the services referred to. Therefore, ENVAFLEX S.A. shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused as a result.

Viruses: ENVAFLEX S.A. is committed to applying all the necessary measures to guarantee there are no viruses, worms, Trojan horses or similar on its Portal. Nevertheless, these measures are not infallible and, therefore, ENVAFLEX S.A. cannot totally guarantee the absence of theses harmful elements. Consequently, ENVAFLEX S.A. shall not be liable for any damages that these may cause.

Technological failures: ENVAFLEX S.A. has fulfilled all the agreements necessary to guarantee the continuity of its Portal and shall strive to ensure that service is not interrupted. However, it cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures or the permanent availability of the Portal and the contents published on it. Consequently, it shall not be liable for any damages or access failure that may be caused by any disconnection, breakdown, overload or loss of the network not attributable to ENVAFLEX S.A.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Spanish Law shall be applicable in the event of any dispute or conflict as regards the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy, and for any matters related to the services presented on this Portal.

Any conflict that may arise as regards the Portal or the use of its contents shall be resolved in the corresponding Courts of Law.